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Francesco Perini is the artist and the centerpiece of a precious and eclectic project. He was born in Italy, November 21, 1966, near Florence, Tuscany, a land of ancient and noble craft traditions. Francesco Perini, master of wood, creative soul and innovative genius. A craftsman who breaks schemes and rules through his unique works.

His masterpieces skillfully combine elegance and design, an explosion of creativity and feeling that generates sublime creations that can be found, today, in the most precious and exclusive residences in the world.

His creations are featured in various exhibitions-such as the Pad Art Fair in London, FOG Design in San Francisco and Design Miami-and art galleries such as Gallery_Fumi in London’s Mayfair. Through his love for natural materials, Francesco Perini develops his own personal vision of a new type of furniture, involving all living spaces with an unusual and innovative style that reinterprets timeless materials with elegance and creativity.


This is how Francesco Perini’s Creatures are born, as animated beings that breathe, change, transform, tell stories. Creatures that are born from trees, from the interweaving of branches, from the weaving of ribs, and meet serene sandstone, steel, marble, leather, cashmere, glass.
Figures of the imagination, chasing desires, visions, dreamed dreams, chimeras, fantasies, realised utopias.
It is these Creatures, these elements of inspiration that define the creative canon with which Francesco Perini proposes his designs, his personal idea of intimate and precious furniture made of the same substance as dreams.

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