Following a creative path that grew out of the founding of a company, I Vassalletti, known the world over for its extraordinary creations, Francesco Perini is now developing his own more personal ideas for interiors. His eclectic, refined vision extends to living spaces of all kinds, with a concept of style distinguished by unique, surprising elegance.
The Fantastic Creatures of Francesco Perini are animated beings that breathe, evolve, change, and narrate. Creatures born of trees, of interwoven branches and intricately veined tissues that go to meet with pietra serena, steel, marble, leather, cashmere and glass. Figures of the imagination pursuing desires, visions, dreams, myths, phantasies and utopias attained.
These Fantastic Creatures are the elements of inspiration that define the creative canon of Francesco Perini and his outstanding talent for design, his personal concept of intimate, treasured interiors fashioned of the stuff that dreams are made on.